APPLE Schools selected to scale project to 100 schools by 2026


This year threw curveballs that none of us thought were possible. We collectively experienced a rollercoaster of hope and grief, and all 75 APPLE schools and our team worked hard to adapt at every turn. 


Thankfully, we can end the year on a high note: out of over 7,000 engaged, APPLE Schools was selected as one of only 11 national ventures for the LEAP Healthy Futures Accelerator. Out of those 11, we are the only organization that received the scale-a-rator status. 

What does this mean? 


Over the next five years, we will be working closely with LEAP, who will provide us with strategy support to scale our project with the goal of supporting students in 100 schools by 2026.

LEAP’s mission is to catalyze large-scale social impact by selecting, supporting, and scaling breakthrough social ventures – that’s us! They will help APPLE Schools to unleash our potential to improve health and reduce chronic disease in Canada. 

Moving forward

This recognition wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of everyone in APPLE school communities and funders! We are so grateful for their continued work support; they are part of an initiative with proven impact and exceptional leadership that has the potential to change health outcomes for children across Canada. 

To learn more about the Health Futures Accelerator, and about the 10 other high-impact, high-potential ventures, click here