13 schools join the APPLE community!

We are so excited to announce that 13 new schools, called APPLE ally schools, officially joined the APPLE Schools community. This increases our annual impact to 87 schools, reaching almost 30,000 students!

What is an APPLE ally school, you ask? 

Each ally school comes equipped with an enthusiastic and experienced principal who has previously led an APPLE school community and knows what it takes to create a healthy school environment. 

Each ally school also has a dedicated volunteer school health champion, who is trained and ready to drive healthy changes in their school community using a comprehensive school health approach.

Due to the experience of the principal, each APPLE ally school is ready to hit the ground running to make the healthy choice the easy choice in their community. 

We welcome the following APPLE ally schools:


  • Abbott School
  • ​Edmonton Christian Northeast School
  • ​Good Shepherd Catholic Elementary School
  • Jan Reimer School
  • Our Lady of the Prairies Catholic Elementary School
  • St. Rose Catholic Junior High School 

Sherwood Park

Fort McMurray