Monthly Campaigns

Monthly campaigns are tools that schools use to build awareness around healthy eating, physical activity, and mental health habits. The campaigns engage with students, parents, and school staff through daily school-wide announcements, bulletin board activities, and newsletters to send home.

The campaigns have been categorized into months since most of them are themed, however, feel free to use a campaign at any time to best meet the needs of your classroom or school.


Hygiene SUPER Heroes

Keep the school community safe by empowering everyone to be a Hygiene SUPER Hero! This campaign provides fun and easy ways to remember how to keep our germs to ourselves. 

What is a Healthy School?

Start the year by building awareness around what it means to be a healthy school community.

Rise and Shine, It’s Breakfast Time

Students learn how to be breakfast champions by fueling their bodies the right way. 

Way to Go, H2O

Find out why we need water to keep our bodies happy, and ensure you are getting enough. 


Bone Bounce Blitz

Students get to know the A, Bs, and Cs of bone health! How to move and what to eat to keep them strong and healthy. 

Dream Team

Students learn the importance of getting enough quality sleep and having sweet dreams during the Rapid Eye Movement sleep phase.

Find the Dream Team home challenge here.

Say What?

Learn about the importance of being respectful when talking to others about their health. Health is different for everyone including how we move, the foods we eat and the way we think, and feel. Since it’s different for everyone, it is important to be respectful of others’ health and how they choose to practice it.

The Way iMove to School

Get students to increase their physical activity level with active transportation. 


Feel Great with a Healthy Plate

Canada has an updated food guide, and this campaign shines a light on it’s key learnings, such as adding variety to your meals, and enjoying eating great food with other people. 

Get the Scoop on Whole Grains

November is for learning why whole grains make our bodies happier than processed grains. 

Unwind Your Mind

Students learn strategies to be more mindful in day-to-day situations. 


12 Days of Fitness

The traditional carol is adapted to encourage physical activity as a class or school during the holiday season. 

Find the 12 Days of Fitness Home Challenge here

Eat, Move, and Play Through the Holidays

This is based on Ever Active Schools’ Eat, Move, Play challenge, which encourages healthy choices over the holidays. 


New Year, New Goals

Encourage healthy goal setting to get those resolutions to stick. 

Arctic Winter Games

Introduce students to the Arctic Winter Games and highlight 5 traditional games played in Canada’s northern communities. 

Don’t Hibernate – Participate!

Promotes physical activity during the cold winter months.

Find the Don’t Hibernate – Participate home challenge here


Show Your Heart Some Love

Promotes heart health through healthy eating and physical activity.

Say What?

Health is different for everyone, including how we move, the foods we eat, and the way we think and feel. So this month, let’s talk about the importance of being respectful when talking to others about their health. 


Turn Off the Tube, Get on the Move

Promote physical activity and encourage students to pay attention to the amount of screen and sedentary time they have each day.  

The Truth is Tasty

Help student to make the healthy choice by teaching them about food marketing, and deciphering confusing marketing language. 

Sweat, Step, Sleep, Sit

Introduces students to Canada’s 24-hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth. Students learn the recommended amounts of vigorous, light, and sedentary activity, and how much sleep they need each day.

Extra Resource – Screen Smart Schools

Increase student awareness of their screen time amount and compete with other classes to reduce screen time. This activity encourages students to turn off their screens outside of school time, and enjoy recreational activities that support good health. Visit Screen Smart Schools to start planning!


Bring Back Play

Promotes unstructured play and simple games to increase physical activity during non-instructional time.

Power of Positivity

Get students thinking about what makes them happy, and teach them about the power of adopting a positive attitude. 

Sneak in a Break

Students learn about the importance of taking mini breaks to re-energize and-refocus.


Colour Your World with Vegetables and Fruit

Highlights the benefits of various fruit and vegetable colours, and why eating a variety of fruit and veggies is so good for us. 

Fun in the Sun with Vita-man D

Now that the days are longer, let’s talk about vitamin D and healthy outdoor play.

What’s the Commotion About Emotions?

This campaign teaches six core emotions and the communication skills required to express them in a healthy way.

Find the What’s the Commotion About Emotions home challenge here.


Address Your Stress

Get the lowdown on managing stress and adopting healthy mental health habits in day-to-day life. 

Be a Sleep Star

Addresses how technology is a barrier to getting the recommended amount of sleep, and how sleep amount affects mood and food choices. 

Brilliant Brains

Teach students about the importance of physical activity and nutritious foods for their brilliant brain development!

Find the Brilliant Brains home challenge here