APPLE Wellness Policy Tree

Purpose: To assist in developing a general wellness policy by creating parameters and encouraging conversations around it.

APPLE Wellness Policy Tree Process

Break it Down and Build it Up

Purpose: To provide a structure for the APPLE Core Committee or staff to review their current action plan with the intent to prioritize activities for the school year.

This process is best for the start of the school year to prep the action plan for the current year, OR for the end of the year to prep for the following school year.

Break it Down and Build it Up Process

Bridging the Gap

Purpose: To identify any gaps in comprehensive school health implementation at the school level, and brainstorm activities or initiatives that will bridge the gaps.

Bridging the Gap Process

Cause and Effect 

Purpose: To celebrate the great things happening in your school community, reflect on what may have led to some negative results and how it is possible to affect change in the school community, and plan for the future.

NOTE: This process is to be used by schools in years 1, 2, or 3 of project implementation.

Cause and Effect Process

Creating a 10-Month Action Plan

Purpose: To create a document that guides the school with their health and wellness goals (school action plan).

Creating a 10-Month Action Plan Process

Decision Dollars

Purpose: To provide a framework for voting on ideas, activities, or best options. Participants can include staff, students, parents, or community members and each person has an equal voice in the process.

Decision Dollars Process

Decision Dollars


Purpose: To provide a framework for voting on ideas, activities, or best options with each participant having an equal voice. Participants can include staff, students, parents, or community members.

Dot-mocracy Process

Hard Questions 

Purpose: To discuss potentially contentious topics of wellness in the school community, generate discussion around areas of a future policy or action plan that needs discussion, and to safely allow all participants to express opinions.

Hard Questions Process

High Return on Investment

Purpose: To help your school community (planning committee, Core APPLE committee, staff, or parent council) identify health and wellness priorities, and evaluate their impact as defined by the time and money necessary to support them.

High Return on Investment Process

Joint Consortium for School Health (JCSH) Process

Purpose: Collect diverse feedback to assess the current state of health in your school community and use the generated data to inform future practices that should create measurable changes to the school environment

JCSH Process

JCSH Process Posters

Percent is Right

Purpose: To share important information from your school’s research report in a fun and engaging way.

Percent is Right Process

Percent is Right Powerpoint

Positive Delta

Purpose: To collect, share, and celebrate positive activities and ideas that are working in the school community, and to brainstorm ideas and activities that could be introduced or changed.

Positive Delta Process

Sharing the Load

Purpose: To familiarize staff or parents with the school’s action plan and to spread responsibilities of the action plan among all stakeholders. 

Sharing the Load

Simultaneous Round Table

Purpose: To gather ideas on various topics pertaining to your school community health, and allow for participants to build on other people’s ideas in a timely manner. This process is quick and good to do in staff meetings where time is limited.

Simultaneous Round Table Process

Spider Web Process

Purpose: To allow participants to share their thoughts and build on others’ ideas using a focused brainstorm session to gather consensus on a specific topic.

Spider Web Process

Trimming the Weeds

Purpose: To provide a framework to review resources with the intent of weeding out those that participants do not find valuable and relevant.

Trimming the Weeds Process


Purpose: To guide participants through visualizing what a healthy school community that follows the comprehensive school model looks, feels, and sounds like.

Visioning Process

Weathering Change

Purpose: To encourage participants to look at an issue or question through new lenses, creating a well-rounded perspective to generate positive solutions.

Weathering Change Process