Home Challenges

12 Days of Fitness 

Staying active during the cold winter months can be a challenge! The 12 Days of Fitness challenge presents a fun way to be active indoors leading up to the holiday season.

This home challenge pairs well with the 12 Days of Fitness monthly campaign. 

Brilliant Brains 

Teach students about the importance of physical activity and nutritious foods for their brilliant brain development.

This home challenge pairs well with the Brilliant Brains monthly campaign. 

Don't Hibernate – Participate!

This activity promotes staying active with the family during the frosty winter months. Embrace the cold and participate in fun activities regardless of the weather outside!

This home challenge pairs well with the Don't Hibernate -- Participate monthly campaign. 

Dream Team

Dream Team gets families to prioritize sleeping in an effort to get more REM sleep so they can remember their dreams, and record them in a journal!

This home challenge pairs well with the Dream Team monthly campaign. 

Family Olympics Challenge

Bring the Olympics home with this family challenge. For three weeks, the family participates in activities based on real Olympics games to stay active and have fun together. 

Fun in the Sun with Vita-Man D

This home challenge is all about promoting healthy, safe fun in the sun. So get your SPF, sun glasses, and hat, and get active!

Minimizing Screen Time

The Minimizing Screen Time home challenge is for students and their families to track their physical activity and screen time in an effort to spend more time being active and healthy. 

Power of Positivity

Power of Positivity encourages students and their families to get a mood boost by reflecting on the things in their lives that they are grateful for.


Rise and Shine, it's Breakfast Time

Get your students and families to try out some quick and healthy breakfast ideas that are delicious and nutritious – a great way to start the day!


Sleep Tracking

This activity is a leadership role opportunity for students, and a chance for parents to model healthy sleep behaviours for the whole family.

Take a Break

Take a Break helps students and their families to gain an understanding of the importance of taking mindful breaks throughout the day by participating in healthy activities. 

What's the Commotion About Emotions?

This campaign teaches six core emotions and the communication skills required to express them in a healthy way.

This home challenge pairs well with the What's the Commotion About Emotions monthly campaign.