Research Infographics

1. General APPLE Schools Infographic: Demonstrates the project's impact on students' health and healthcare cost savings. 

2. Essential Conditions for Taking a Comprehensive School Health Approach: Outlines the eight core and four contextual conditions to successfully implement the CSH approach in a school environment. Based on the 2016 research by Kate Storey, PhD, RD, et al., this infographic is a condensed one-pager made simple for sharing with others.

3. Linking Children's Lifestyle Behaviours to their Mental HealthBased on a study by Kara Loewen, MSc, et al., this infographic summarizes the positive effect that a healthy lifestyle during childhood years has on mental health in adolescent years.        

4. Lifestyle behaviours and ADHD diagnosis in children: Based on research by Kara Loewen, MSc, et al., summarizes research which found that children who met more lifesyle recommendations had less ADHD than children who met less lifestyle recommendations.