Monthly Campaigns

Monthly campaigns are tools that schools use to build awareness around healthy eating, physical activity, and mental health habits. The campaigns engage with students, parents, and school staff through daily school-wide announcements, bulletin board activities, and newsletters to send home.

The campaigns have been categorized into months since most of them are themed, however, feel free to use any campaign for any month to best meet your classroom’s or school’s needs.

* Indicates the campain has a junior/high school version


  • Hygiene SUPER Heroes
  • What is a Healthy School?
  • Rise and Shine, It's Breakfast Time
  • Way to go H2O


  • Bone Bounce Blitz
  • Dream Team 
  • The Way iMove to School


  • Feel Great with a Healthy Plate *
  • Get the Scoop on Whole Grains *
  • Unwind Your Mind *


  • 12 Days of Fitness *
  • Eat, Move, and Play Through the Holidays


  • New Year, New Goals *
  • Arctic Winter Games 
  • Don't Hibernate - Participate


  • Show Your Heart Some Love 
  • Rate Your Super Snacks
  • Choose Like a Champion 


  • Turn off the Tube, Get on the Move
  • The Truth is Tasty
  • Sweat, Step, Sleep, Sit *


  • Bring Back Play 
  • Power of Positivity *
  • Sneak in a Break


  • Colour Your World with Vegetables and Fruit 
  • Fun in the Sun with Vita-Man D
  • What's the Commotion About Emotions? 


  • Address Your Stress *
  • Be a Sleep Star *
  • Brilliant Brains